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Monday, February 22, 2010

Well, fellow book lovers, this week I actually completed a book!  <>

I finished The Serpent's Tale by Ariana Franklin.  Here's my review...The Serpent's Tale

I am in the middle of Night Work right now, a mystery by Steve Hamilton.  It's entertaining enough, but it's your basic good-man-gets-framed-for-murders-he-didn't-commit-by-someone-with-a-grudge.  My money's on his best friend as the framer...anyway, after that I plan to read some old Rita Mae Brown paperbacks, and any other skinny volumes on my shelf, since I'll be doing a lot of it on a plane going to and from Las Vegas!  Gotta have the small ones to carry in my carry-on.  Have a great reading week!


  1. Oooh, Vegas! My hubby wants to go there! I'm not too sure about it for myself though. We'll probably get there some time. Enjoy your books this week! I adore Rita Mae Brown. Are you reading the Mrs. Murphy mysteries or some of her other ones?

  2. This is the ultimate perfect time of year to go to Vegas. You'll enjoy it. My husband is a big Hamilton fan, and I remember him also saying out loud who he thought was the framer for that book!

    Have a lovely reading week!

  3. Great review of The Serpent's Tale! That sounds like a series I would really enjoy. Have fun in Vegas!!

  4. Have fun in Vegas! I like to walk and look at all the pretty hotels and sites. Dont miss out on MGM at the end of the strip and my favorite place to eat is the Harley Cafe - the buffalo shrimp are incredible....

    Oh, but enough about Vegas have fun and enjoy your books!

  5. Hope you have a great time in Vegas and that you have a good reading week :)

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  7. The Serpent's Tale is one that I want to read! I'm glad you enjoyed it and I love your review.

    Happy reading!!

    P.S. Found you via Monday What are you reading?

  8. Jennifer-The Rita Mae Brown's I have on my shelf are all older stand alones, I think...I do like her mysteries as well...

    Thanks to everyone for the Vegas well-wishes. We got four inches of heavy wet snow yesterday, and I am SO ready to get out of the cold, wintery midwest. 60s here I come!


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