It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

Monday, March 08, 2010

Being trapped on a plane last weekend made this a good couple of reading weeks for me.  I finished

Night Work, by Steve Hamilton
Testimony, by Anita Shreve
The Lost Symbol, by Dan Brown
The Tarnished Eye, by Judith Guest

My favorite of the above list has to be the Anita Shreve book, because it still has me thinking and processing.  If you want to know why, here is my review, Testimony.  I just this morning picked up Pretty in Plaid, by Jen Lancaster.  She is one of my favorites, and I am sure I will like this one too.  Hysterical!

Have a good reading week!


  1. You did have a good reading week! I just picked up The Lost Symbol for $5. I own the other two and figured I might as well get this one too, although I haven't heard much about it.

  2. I was not too found of the Lost Symbol. It was no wheres near as exciting as Angels and Demons ( my favorite), or Da Vinci Code. How did you like it?

  3. What did you think of Lost Symbol? Personally, it was my least favorite of the three but a lot of people really liked it.

    have a happy reading week!

  4. I have the Lost Symbol but have not read it yet. I hope you enjoyed it!

    I love reading time - like on planes :)

  5. I'll write a more detailed review when I have time, but I did not love the Lost Symbol. I didn't hate it either, but it wasn't as good as DaVinci Code. I'd say if you are already a Dan Brown fan you will like it OK. If not, don't start with this book.


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