It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

Monday, July 26, 2010

Happy Monday, everyone!  I hope that you all had a successful reading week, as I did!

Books read last week-

The Missing, Book One:  Found, Margaret Peterson Haddix
(Review Coming Soon on Second Childhood Reviews)

I just started Shutter Island by Dennis Lahane.  I was cleaning out bookshelves last night in preparation for visiting my parents in Michigan (and likely coming home with a new box of my mom's cast-aways), when I realized that I had the book version of that movie getting all the good buzz.  This week I will also try to get to:

Bait, by Alex Sanchez (YA)
Life As We Knew It, Susan Beth Pfeffer (YA)
The Battle of Jericho, Sharon M. Draper (YA)
The Law of Similars, Chris Bojalian
In a Perfect World, Laura Kasischke

Life As We Knew It and In a Perfect World are my book club's books for August, so those are for sures.  Everything else is subject to change without notice! One of the advantages of not getting those fancy ARCs from the publishers is I don't have any obligations to read anything!  Of course, I also don't get ARCs...oh, well, life is a series of trade-offs sometimes!  The week after this one I have a much more ambitious list.  I should be able to get lot of reading done sitting on the beach/boat in the lovely Sleeping Bear National Forest area of Michigan!


  1. Enjoy Shutter Island and have a fabulous week reading! My Monday is you have a chance is here:

  2. I just picked up Shutter Island for my husband - and for me when he finishes it. I seriously need to read the Pfeffer books.

  3. I read Shutter Island years ago and LOVED IT! Way more than I liked the movie. :)

    I am also reading Life As We Knew It and sen that so are several other bloggers. YAY! Have an awesome week!

  4. I loved Shutter Island, hope that you enjoy it. I am currently reading Confessions of a Slacker Wife by Muffy Mead-Ferro

  5. I've been thinking about reading Shutter Island too. I haven't seen the movie partly because I think I'd prefer the book.

  6. Hi I am a new follower and I look forward to visiting you often!

  7. You had a wonderful week last week and it sounds like another wonderful week is heading your way! Enjoy!


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